Day 3 Blogtember Challenge. “What Makes You, YOU. Heritage, culture, clan, traditions”

I think that what makes me, me boils down to how I relate to a higher being, my higher self, and others. It is difficult to self-identity based purely on my culture, because I have grown up surrounded by different races, cultures and religions. The reality of living in diverse societies is that one is... Continue Reading →


Week one of being completely natural

Spring is in full swing! I have fully transitioned, and I am ready to rock my Afro for at least three weeks. To be honest, my hairline also needs a break after 3 months of back-to-back protective hairstyles. During my transitioning, I was using coconut oil for sealing in moisture, and olive oil for overnight... Continue Reading →

Winter hair looks

Headwraps and protective hairstyles are a naturalista's best friend in winter. This year I had cornrows done for the first time in over 10 years. I had avoided them for so long because I hate my pixie ears Ā šŸ˜­. Because I also like having some kind of flexibility with my hair, I opted for a... Continue Reading →

Keep Leaning In

I woke up to what I can best describe as a BS study that concluded that when women negotiate too hard for their salaries, they end up earning less. The take home message of such a story is probably that women should simply be grateful for whatever peanuts patriarchy in the workplace awards them. Also,... Continue Reading →

Museum Week (Museum Island)

This is my second post on epic museum visits in honour of Museum Week. My guest of honour is Museum Island in Berlin. Museum Island would be a reason enough for me to move to Berlin. Museum Island is basically what the name implies; a museum on an island (Spree River). It is technically a... Continue Reading →

Museum Week (Galleria Dell’Accademia)

I looooove museums and Museum Week is upon us. Before it ends I thought I would share some pics from my most memorable, life-givingĀ visits. TheĀ Galleria Dell'Accademia is an art museum in Florence, Italy and it is most notable because it houses Michelangelo's David. To be quite honest, this was the main reason for choosing Florence... Continue Reading →

My authentic self

Am I who you propose I am?Ā Or am I who I decide I am?Is the me I project to you, the real me, or the part of me that I want you to see and is separate from the me I truly believe myself to be?Is the me you see, really me? Or is the... Continue Reading →

The first cut is not the deepest

A month ago the moonlight spilled across my pillow. My face bathed in its glow and I felt your kiss on my soul. Tonight that same moonlight falls upon my pillow. Tonight I see it for what it is. A cold reflection of a light that burns for another. They lied when they said the... Continue Reading →

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