Keep Leaning In

I woke up to what I can best describe as a BS study that concluded that when women negotiate too hard for their salaries, they end up earning less. The take home message of such a story is probably that women should simply be grateful for whatever peanuts patriarchy in the workplace awards them. Also,... Continue Reading →

Museum Week (Museum Island)

This is my second post on epic museum visits in honour of Museum Week. My guest of honour is Museum Island in Berlin. Museum Island would be a reason enough for me to move to Berlin. Museum Island is basically what the name implies; a museum on an island (Spree River). It is technically a... Continue Reading →

Museum Week (Galleria Dell’Accademia)

I looooove museums and Museum Week is upon us. Before it ends I thought I would share some pics from my most memorable, life-giving visits. The Galleria Dell'Accademia is an art museum in Florence, Italy and it is most notable because it houses Michelangelo's David. To be quite honest, this was the main reason for choosing Florence... Continue Reading →

My authentic self

Am I who you propose I am? Or am I who I decide I am?Is the me I project to you, the real me, or the part of me that I want you to see and is separate from the me I truly believe myself to be?Is the me you see, really me? Or is the... Continue Reading →

The first cut is not the deepest

A month ago the moonlight spilled across my pillow. My face bathed in its glow and I felt your kiss on my soul. Tonight that same moonlight falls upon my pillow. Tonight I see it for what it is. A cold reflection of a light that burns for another. They lied when they said the... Continue Reading →

Memories of Cape Town

A deep blue twilight sky scattered with equally dark cumulus clouds, like a Renaissance painting of a foamy sea. Early morning warmth defies the stormy image the sky presents. The refreshing smell of the ocean becomes stronger the closer I get to the harbor. A large cargo ship recently docked and the tell-tale vesicles of oil and polystyrene... Continue Reading →


I reach back expecting the warm familiar strength that is your hand enveloping mine.All I find is emptiness.I assume you have fallen a few steps behind and will gently touch my shoulder to remind me that you are still on this journey with me. My heart misses a beat. An all too familiar feeling of... Continue Reading →

The purpose of living

The purpose of living is to work towards becoming our ‘higher selves’: the best possible version of ourselves. We will not always get it right but the merit is in staying on the right path. It involves how we engage in our relationships with friends, lovers, humanity as a whole and most importantly with ourselves. Be the... Continue Reading →

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